Converting Your Bath Tub to Bath Shower

Bathtub to bath shower conversion is becoming more and more popular. Because many older people today want to stay in their homes for as long as they can. Most of them now have no time or they are not into the leisure of soaking. So now what are the options in considering a tub to shower conversion? For so many choices it is really up to an individual’s personal taste and of course budget. There ready to use prefabricated showers that typically made of acrylic or fiberglass that is cost-effective. Which they can take less time to install than a tiled shower. Other people want to argue that they are easier to keep clean as they are a solid surface. They also come with an option of a built-in seat and a ledge for soaps and shampoos. Also, it comes with matching wall panels as well.

If working with prefabricated shower enclosure you limit your choices of sizes, shapes, and color as well. Other bathrooms remodel may use a preformed shower base and tile on the walls. With regard to tile shower which can offer more variety in how a finished project will look. Decorative tile can be mix to make your shower a real feature in your bathroom. There are a lot of possibilities to make. Hence, the tile shower base can custom-made to any size o dimension with not many restrictions. You may select to use a large format tile or a similar mosaic type of tile. At Bathroom Renovations Calgary offers you a wide variety range of bathroom design Calgary that will suit your taste.

There are different drains that accommodate either application. The choices like corner seats or full-length benches and in-wall niches or alcoves for soaps and shampoos and many others. Also, it can mix up and easily made to a custom size if required. Another option fold-down benches. They do not intervene on the space in the shower when folded up and do have enough room to sit on when in the down position. Some of these types of benches do have a weight restriction that is usually 250 pounds.

Also, we offer affordable bathroom designs Calgary that will meet your budget and your dream will come to reality. For more information about bathroom renovations Calgary cost calls us and we offer a free estimate on your dream project.

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